Sell Gold, Silver, Platinum & Diamonds for Cash!

Turn your old, unwanted or broken Gold into Cash now with our Gold buyers listed below. We have searched the market and selected Gold buyers which have good customer ratings and a good average customer payout.

Compare them below now and order your free gold pack by clicking on the Go button of your choice. An easy and fast way to make money.

Company Free Postage? Types Accepted Order Tracking Package Insurance Gold Back Guarantee Money Paid By FREE Info Pack
yourgoldforcash greentick Gold, Platinum greentick £500.00 greentick BACS gobutton
cashmygold greentick Gold, Platinum greentick £500.00 greentick Cheque gobutton
money4gold greentick Gold, Platinum, Silver, Paladium greentick £500.00 greentick Cheque gobutton
postgold greentick Gold, Platinum, Silver, Diamonds greentick £500.00 greentick Cash, Cheque, BACS gobutton
goldmine greentick Gold only greentick £500.00 greentick Cash, Cheque, BACS gobutton

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions which we thought we would provide to help you understand the process better.

Q) Does selling my jewellery incur any fees or costs?

A) No, it does not. Posting your items to the gold buyers we list is completely free of charge as your Gold Bag is insured and has already had the postage paid.

Q) If there’s no hallmark carried by my gold, what happens?
A) Our Gold Buyers will examine the weight and each carat of your gold after receipt, and provide you with an offer thereafter.

Q) What if my jewellery is made up of a mixture of carats?
A) Each precious metal and carat in your jewellery will be individually priced in relation to its value.

Q) Can I send broken jewellery to Gold Buyers?
A) Yes you can. Jewellery is valued on the weight and carat, regardless of whether it is in good order.

Q) How can I send my jewellery to a Gold Buyer?
A) Firstly, select your gold buyer of choice from our list. Then, click on the corresponding GO button and request your free gold bag. Once you have received the bag, insert your jewellery, secure the bag and take it to the post office.

Q) Are Gold Bags insured?
A) Yes they all are usually up to the value of £500. Some gold buyers like //// offer extended insurance at no charge if you are sending a higher value amount. Check before you send off.

Q) Which method of payment will I received for my gold?
A) All of the Gold buyers listed pay through a variety of methods, so please check with each one individually.

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  3. Mr R Walsh
    November 2nd, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    Hi I have melted old gold down to a small blck, can i still sell this?

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